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The Sprinter Van is perfect for Dog Show Enthusiasts.  It has the most space inside of any conventional van, 50% more space than the old Ford E350.  We own the first Sprinter converted for Dog Shows, and are still the leaders in this market.

Key Benefits of conversions from A.D.C.:

  • Understanding.  We completely understand the needs of Dog Show Enthusiasts, because we've lived it for 20+ years.

  • Customizing.  We offer fully custom conversions, not just 'cookie cutter' choices.  We can offer ideas on layouts, but if you know how you want things, then we can build it.

  • Customer Satisfaction.  We have a proven customer satisfaction record, just ask around.

  • Durability.  We don't use fabrics and carpeting, they don't mix with dogs!  You can scratch your key across our interior walls, you can drag a crate across the floor, and not see any damage.  With the simpler floor plans and a slight hillside, you can even hose out the back end!

  • Functionality.  If it's not useful to you, we don't do it.  Most shops don't understand the need for GOOD lighting, for maximum storage, and great air conditioning.  We do understand it, and build for it.

  • Quality.  If something only lasts 12 months and 3 days, do you really want it?  We don't offer a reasonable warranty, rather we'd like to offer an unreasonable warranty.  Basically, we're out to make our customers happy, regardless of time limits or other 'limitations'.

  • Affordability.  If you can't afford something, it doesn't matter how great it is.  You won't find another conversion shop that can match our prices and quality.

  • Ease of use.  We have engineering degrees, but you don't have to!  We can offer things like 5 levels of safety for air conditioning without you needing a PhD to understand how to enable it.  

  • At-the-show service.  Nobody has time to drive across the state to fix minor things.  We go to shows all over, and can fix most things right there.  Just call ahead of time so we have the right tools and parts.

Reputation is what makes and breaks conversion shops.  We suggest you find an existing customer, and get their honest opinion.  Do the same for our competition.  Other shops may have smooth salesmen or work faster.  We believe that what counts is that you get the best quality conversion built for durability and configured for usability, in a timely manner for a fair price.  In these categories, nobody can touch ADC.  Whether you want just a simple insulation package, or if you want the whole enchilada, we can put together the package you want.  Click here to see some of the options and prices.

Key Benefits of Sprinters:

  • LOTS of interior room (450+ cubic feet)

  • 3 lengths, from 16' to 21.5' in length, and 2 heights

  • Great fuel economy, 20+ mpg (really!) for the largest size

  • Long vehicle life, 300,000-1,000,000 miles

  • QUIET diesel engine

  • sedan-like ride, great handling even in cross winds

  • Mercedes Benz safety and quality

  • Low cost of ownership.  Click here to see real cost comparisons.

The Sprinter was completely designed by Mercedes Benz and is actually built at the Mercedes Benz plant in Germany.  In the USA, it is marketed as either the Dodge or the Freightliner Sprinter.  We've been working on these vans since 2002, and actually know more about them than most dealers.  There are a number of issues with the Sprinter which can be irritations, and we have ways of getting around most of them.  We also educate our customers about all the features of the Sprinter, where dealers often don't say anything or even worse give you the wrong information.  We can also talk to you about what are the important options on the Sprinter that you really want, and which ones you really want to avoid.