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Temperature Pagers



FINALLY an AFFORDABLE Temperature Alert Pager

whole unit

Temperature Pager alert systems are worthless when you canít afford one.  THAT HAS CHANGED.



Donít Become a STATISTIC.


Every year dozens of loved pets die from heat in vehicles.


Things can happen:

  • Generators shutdown
  • Air Conditioners fail
  • Breakers pop
  • Cords get unplugged
  • Doors get closed


It only takes minutes for a car, van or RV to go from comfortable to deadly temperatures.You canít be there continuously to watch over them.Even when you try, interruptions distract you.



There is an AFFORDABLE and RELIABLE SOLUTION: the Temperature Pager made by All Dogs Corporation!



           Small size, 6 inches wide

           Completely portable

           No installation required

           Out-of-Range indicator

           Ĺ mile range

           12 volt DC adapter

           120 volt AC adapter

           Loss-of-Power indicator

           Beep or Vibrate modes

           Digital temperature display

           Permanent memory forsettings

           No accidental reprogramming of temperature limits

           High limit and Low limit temperature settings

           Multiple pagers optional

           65,000+ codes (so you will not accidentally receive someone elseís signal)

           Test paging button

           Optional battery pack with charger

           Custom modifications possible

           1 year limited warranty


This unit has all the features you expect.If you are out of range, or if the main unit loses power, you are notified within one minute with a short audible alert.This alert repeats every 30 seconds, so you will know quickly if something is wrong.If you use the 120 volt adapter in an RV, if your generator shuts down or your main breaker fails, you are notified quickly long before it becomes hot in the RV.This works the same way in a remote kennel building.


Also, when you turn on the unit and pager, the pager alerts you that it has received the signal audibly and displays the antenna symbol to visually indicate that the pager is receiving the signal.For the temperature settings, you easily program the values you want, and the unit has permanent memory so you will not need to reprogram it after sitting unplugged.When a temperature trigger occurs, the unit sends an alert within 5 seconds, and continues to send the alert every 30 seconds so you will know if something is wrong.


Another part of the safety is the programming.To change the temperature settings, you push the Ďhiddení button just below the temperature display on the main unit.You need to use something like a toothpick to reach in & press this button, so when handling it, you will never Ďaccidentallyí change the settings.There are two large switches to the right side.One of them turns on or off the main unit, and the other is a quick test switch.When you turn on the unit, and want to verify that the pagers will get an actually alert (above and beyond seeing the antenna symbol and hearing the audible verification), flip on the second switch for a second.The pagers will sound the alert.It never hurts to double check everything!Also, there are two small buttons to the right of the displayed temperature.These are used to change the temperature settings, but do not do anything unless the hidden button has been pressed.So hand the unit to your five year old child and donít worry about them changing the settings!Again, peace of mind.


The majority of customers are very happy with the range of the unit.However, if you mount a CB antenna on your vehicle, it can double the effective range of the unit.FEMA Search & Rescue teams really appreciate this feature.Note that a key factor in how far it works is the location of the unit.Do not place it near metal objects such as metal walls or refrigerators.It can easily be attached with Velcro and mounted to the side of cabinets or on walls.The higher the unit sits the better.Be careful placing it next to windows as you may get false readings due to heat from the window.


From the picture below, you can see the size of the pager relative to the AAA battery to the right.Also shown are the belt clip and spring-coil clip to avoid losing it.In the picture above is the main unit, both the 12 volt and 120 volt adapters, the CB cable adapter, and the antenna across the bottom.And yes, each pager comes with a AAA battery.



Another great feature is the portability.No need to spend hundreds of dollars hiring a mechanic to permanent wire everything into your vehicle.Simply determine where you want to place it, secure it there with Velcro, plug in the power adapter, and youíre done!This is great if you use different vehicles, or donít want to invest into a vehicle youíll be replacing soon.




Control unit, 1 pager with AAA battery and belt-clip, 12 volt & 120 volt power adapters, antenna, and CB cable adapter


Additional pager


Battery pack (should last 4 days continuous use), 120 volt battery charger, cable to control unit


Customized changes



As with everything we do, we do not have hidden fees to worry about for extra cables or such.  There are no monthly fees.We encourage competition, so please look at what else is available out there and compare.  We strongly recommend getting a second pager with each unit, but it is not required.The closest we have found is about twice our price for a unit with the pager.  Shipping will be $20 for the first unit, $5 for each additional unit.  We accept checks, Paypal, credit cards, and even cash.

Note that the unit comes with a one year warranty.  The 'customized changes' listed above is if you have a special need.  An example is that police units often add a remote temperature sensor for faster reaction time.  Please contact us for special offers to police, military, and search/rescue units.We truly appreciate those who serve this great country.Being made right here in Texas (by American Citizens!!!), shipping time is fast as well.

If you have misplaced your instruction manual, here is a copy of it.

We appreciate your interest.  Email us at CompanyEmailto place an order or if you have any questions.